Okay… so, here’s the post, the reference to my major faux pas last week… in all it’s original glory. I know, epic fail last week… I’ve been in the midst of final research project and upcoming exams… and if I’m honest, for just a moment? Considering quitting… I mean, what’s the use? My new career is dependent upon people having the safety net of healthcare coverage… who cares if kids can speak, really? *ahem* 45 needs SOMEONE to just bring him a Coke now and again, when he rings for it. *MFSB* Pancreas, you’re a go… *not*


Despite the constant Q&A and the ongoing set and balance tasks going on in my psyche regarding my chosen career field… I am still remiss in my WP duties (81 thoughts behind, to date)… *gasp* No pressure, right?

I offer the following, um, section of my existence for humour, enlightenment, or just plain fun:

Note to self… When trying to surgically separate Moody Monday from Debate Tuesday? Sometimes, it just takes a deep breath,  out, half-way through, make an incision with a surgical 10 scalpel blade, slice through… then a laser treatment to speed healing.

Too weird? Oh well… enjoy anyway… it gets weirder… and, dare I say it? Racier.

Behold, one and all, we are now witness… to the NEW MASTER RACE.

I’m at an interesting point in my parenthood journey. Both my children are cognitively, and linguistically[1] able to ask pointed, and, well, interesting, questions. These questions can expand, grow, diverge and, often, unmask an aspect of our social and political existence… in blaring, blinding – inarguable detail.

And, occasionally, they make me laugh…

Here’s a snippet:

“Mom, why do people favor lighter skin over darker?”

The older one looked concerned… a little worried. Never knowing what rabbit-hole she is pointing to, I eased into the discussion, carefully, “Do you mean ‘black’?”

“No, I was talking to D (East-Indian friend), and she said that even in her country, lighter skinned people are treated better…”

“Oh… well, that’s actually pretty common. Regardless of the culture, or race.”


“Well, honey, think back… before all the technology… when there were kings and queens, and commoners… royalty, and workers… leaders, and followers. And yes, slaves…”

Both the kids were looking at me now. Their noses wrinkled, each had an eyebrow raised. They gave me the Okay-what-tangent-is-she-going-to-go-on-now look.

But… they were leaning in.

They wanted to know…

Ah Hah! I had them…

“What kind of skin do you think the workers had, what color?”

“Well, what’d they do?” The younger one was always the challenger in these types of discussions.

“Hard labor. In the Sun. All. Day. Long.”

“Darker…” The older one was warming up… “So… darker meant you were less privileged?” The older one was catching on.


“But, well, now… white people go out of their way to be darker… like black people”

“Well, guess what… up until maybe 60 to 100 years ago… even white women went out of the way to avoid the sun, for fear they would ‘freckle’, which was also code for ‘darken’… Remember the old pictures with parasols?”

“Yeah, but darker means richer now…” The older one, often in an attempt to outwit the younger would reargue a point for clarification.

I was about to disagree with her and say the color they were going for was ‘brown’ and not ‘black’… but before I could form the words, the younger one chimed in:

“It’s not darker! It’s ORANGE. Only orange people with freaky white teeth have all the money now.”

Much laughter, and Oompa Loompa jokes ensued…

Thus, it be said, out of the mouth of babes:

The New Master Race be Oompa Loompa.


[1] Apologies, I know… “Cognitive and linguistic” is egghead for “brains and speech skills…” But, brain and speech just does not sound right. Ironically, I would need to get out a thesaurus to find ‘simpler’ terms… but, doesn’t that seem counterintuitive? Thank you for understanding.