Debate Tuesday has fallen on the wayside… I know… there’s too many

…and not enough

Dang it…


Sure… that’s it…

Oh well… moving on.

I’m reaching the end of the semester. Research Project is almost finished. Finals are a giant, freshly sharpened guillotine blade hanging above me.

In an attempt to ‘unplug’ from educational requirements, I turned on the TV for some distractions.

There’s a series running, “The 80’s… the decade that made us…” airing on one of the channels.

I watched most of the episode about cellphones, valley girls (like, ya knauh!) and…



Them red-neck hatin’ yuppies…

Expensive suits

Upper, upper class

Smooth hands, manicured nails… never worked a day of hard labor in their lives…




Spray-tanned. With the ring of white around the eyes.

You know… *wink-wink*

The Silver Lining? The halo-effect of this realization?

I FINALLY get to pick on my family, friends, and neighbors…

…for VOTING A YUPPIE, the lowest form of life in the red neck spectrum, INTO THE PRESIDENCY.

Oh honeys… this is just TOO GOOD.