Apologies to the politically averted… but this. Is. Necessary.

I have been watching all week the visceral and often humorous attacks on Complicity 45’s new book, Women Who Work.

From the kinder ‘strawberry milkshake’ analogy…

To the purposeful snark of calling the advice offered as ‘anodyne’ – a very uncommon and thus purposeful word choice.

Followed up by the scathing and somewhat misogynistic-though-hilariously-funny review by Ms. B.

It is apparent no one really likes this book.

I had a lively debate Thursday night regarding the vocal and visceral and verbal pushback against the publishing of this book.

I offered the simple pondering, “would a man, say, the illustrious Dan Quayle of the PRE-Clinton (Bush Sr.) years… have received such a response… if Dan Quayle had provided free copies to whatever venue in hopes of getting the people to review and discuss it… would he have been met with such animosity? Would anyone have cared?”

The debate lasted 2 hours. I considered beginning a series on my blog about how women needed to start learning how to talk about other women… how to keep blows “above the belt”… how to attack actions and not personhood. White men have understood these rules for years – amongst themselves…

…But… just as the idea was making a nest in my creative psyche. I clicked on my news app this morning to find out that, in fact, Complicity 45’s book will be listed on the Best Seller list.


I have to allow that perhaps… perhaps, the controversy DID drum up some sales:

  • For a communal burning
  • Altruists with money trying to protect people from exposure
  • Church sermons on Wednesday night called for all the parishioners to show support for His Greatness


I remembered what Ms. B said… they had come in to work in the morning to find a box of free copies to review.

And I realized… that yes, shows like “The view”… and every news agency and magazine… and every celebrity must have received a copy.


Well, the publishers aren’t giving them away.

Then, I wondered… “What does it take to get your book on the best seller list?”

I found this story How Many Books Do You Need to Sell…”:

“In my experience, becoming a bestseller is a matter of:

1. Luck

2. Incredible writing

3. A killer book marketing strategy

4. Having enough money to buy your way to the top.”

Luck? I’m sure C45 has ample share, but, really, her success is more a birthright(observation, not attack).

Incredible writing? I’ll let the ladies answer this one:

A killer marketing strategy? Okay, sending free copies to all the major and minor venues (and probably your friends too) is a valid way to promote. Except…

Having enough money to buy your way to the top? Um… HOW MANY COPIES is not so much important as the formula: F=m/a

I guess I won’t be beginning that blog series after all.

I mean, maybe there is some truth to the anti-bullying logic of ancient times (my childhood):

Don’t give them a reason… and they won’t pick on you.