As I find my footing this summer, sans graduate school classes, plus teenager management… I am reviewing files from my blogging days of old. I will post snippets as I discover them.

As I’ve mentioned on other blogs (unbolt me was one…), I am a fan of Byron. While frowned upon in ‘serious’ literature circles… I find, at least in his early work, a refreshing honesty. Screw poetic and/or grammatical ‘rules’. We know those change.

I think this excerpt from “The Prisoner of Chillon”, which I discovered in a back-up file, pretty much summarizes my current feelings regarding my situation.

Morbid and moody, and a tad melodramatic. I know. But, feelings are relative… and the oddest reference, statement, or snippet can resonate, despite the disparate origins.

Besides all that, if you aren’t feeling life… do you exist? Really?

These are my pre-1900 print books. Alas, the air and the light… which brings so much life… will one day reduce them to dust. Thus, I was forced to archive them for future reading. Well, for as long as possible per the rules of physics.


It might be months, or years, or days,

I kept no count – I took no note,

I had no hope my eyes to raise,

And clear them of their dreary mote;

At last men came to set me free,

I asked not why, and recked not where,

It was at length the same to me,

Fettered or fetterless to be,

I learned to love despair.

And thus when they appeared at last,

And all my bonds aside were cast,

These heavy walls to me had grown

A hermitage – and all my own!

And half I felt as they were come

To tear me from a second home:

With spiders I had friendship made,

And watched them in their sullen trade,

Had seen the mice by moonlight play,

And why should I feel less than they?

We were all inmates of one place,

And I, the monarch of each race,

Had power to kill – yet, strange to tell!

In quiet we had learned to dwell –

My very chains and I grew friends,

So much a long communion tends

To make us what we are: – even I

Regained my freedom with a sigh.