It’s been half a year since I saw the first (and only) blog regarding the strange, foreign, grain called ‘farro’.

The Farro I mentioned last week… (Vegan split pea soup):

Honestly, before StoryTellingCook posted her version of farro prep (cooked in tomatoes and sauce), I had only noticed the package in passing… as I grabbed a bag of barley, or quinoa…


Wasn’t that some Italian pasta?

Well, as it appears… no.

It’s a grain. Like barley. Like quinoa. And, though expensive (somewhat), and tightly controlled per availability (hence the higher price)… it’s actually quite tasty. And for a good ‘splurge’ slash wanna-spend-an-extra-dollar-fifty-on-dinner…?

I say, go for it. (But save that last bag!)

Rinsed, drained, and ready to go… I only had a general idea. And some leftovers in the fridge in danger of being discarded:

Fresh radishes are a new fave, but, the bunches were extra bountiful. I had more than enough for salad. So, I trolled the almighty google (and my cookbooks) for ideas. It seems, per multiple cooking guru venues, that radishes can be roasted? Yep. It seems carrots are a decent pairing as well.

Thus: Chopped carrots… meet chopped radishes, olive oil, 375 degree (fahrenheit), plus a dash of ground sea salt.

Now… moving on with the main dish.

I had other leftovers in the bins and on the shelves… what to do?

Leftovers: half a package of grape tomatoes, spring mix lettuce, and roast chicken.

Hmm… usually don’t eat chicken twice in one week. But… well, we go for an overall average, right?

Farro is boiled in some water (and a dash of salt). Um… check the package. I believe this took around 20 to 25 minutes to al dente.

Meanwhile, I chopped the tomatoes, roast chicken, and rescued this leftover red onion.

Yep. That’s about right…

First, the red onions, tomatoes, and a teaspoon of Italian seasoning. Sear them in a pan… oil, no oil? Your choice. A dash of salt will help release the tomato ‘juices’.

Add the chopped roast chicken. Set aside.

Farro: cooked, drained, and rinsed… ready to go.

Now… mix it all together: spring mix, tomato and onion mix, and farro:

And… along with the roast radishes and carrots…

You have a nice, full, protein and fiber-rich… completely vegan (if you leave out the chicken, of course! lol), and YUMMY, meal! (ENJOY!)

As always… I hope this inspires you to be brave in the kitchen, and try some fruit, vegetable, or GRAIN you’ve never tried before… The biggest hurdle we had to clear in changing in our diet, in order to become healthier… and the toughest in any version western society… is changing your point-of-view on what Tastes Good.

Be brave. Be adventurous. Be healthy.

Cheers! 🙂