Zdrast vee!

Apologies for the bad phonetics. The English alphabet is phonetic, but only in reverse.

The copy paste for ehstina vno vonbastikan[1] in the title above, is thanks to Google Translate[2].

Which was fun! Drones, and Facets… oh my:

Truth = Drones? *hehe* Big Brother is WATCHING! (Or, Mr. World, if your a Gaiman fan!)


Oh… darn it. English TO Russian, not phonetic Russian to English. *sigh* Oh well… (who would need that anyhow?)

I know… dang it. That would have been more fun… hey, um, I blend in, right?

*grumble* Moving on…

I could use the Russian Cyrillic to ask if you para or greet you in the Motherland tongue… but, well, if I upload the keypad logic –

I would, most definitely, be flagged…


…as a Trump supporter! [3]

“This is not the supporter you were looking for… move along.”

I mean, I’m already taking a chance with the copy/paste job up there…

The conspiracy theory neuron in my brain is on overdrive… “Shut up and sit quiet” is NOT working.

I’ve been shaking my head so much in the past week, I have whiplash.[4]

Don’t read the news.[5]

Just as soon as I think one thing is done… another tweet happens.

Oh, wait. These weren’t tweets this time, were they?[6]

It’s just that ongoing investigation into Russian Meddling.

In our election process.

Not news.[7]


When in history, did Russia have access to a presidential hopeful (2013), and pretty much every person in his cabinet. (Flynn was there in 2013 too… his son-in-law (first son), Sessions, ad nauseam.)

Don’t read the news.[8] Let the nice men do their job, find the entire cabinet guilty… and let’s learn some NEW UNPRECEDENTED PROCEDURES.

Meanwhile, here at home…

In Conservative Christian Land (CCL), I am banned from speaking.[9]

Partly out of a need to maintain polite alliances and extended family.

And partly because, well, some of these people are SCARY![10]

ALL of them are packing[11].

Hell, if I dressed up in hijab, I’d have some granny in Walmart going all Homeland Security and ICE agent all in one continuous, finger-pointing, breath.[12]

I have a word limit.

I will get to my point…


I already did?[13]

Okay, well, there’s my truth in fiction.

In about 300 words[14].

Feel free to add…

[1] “Truth in Fiction”

[2] (Hey, don’t judge, at least I remember my greetings…)

[3] *This is not the supporter we are looking for… Move Along.*

[4] What about the primaries? Could they have been hacked?

[5] Look to the primaries.

[6] Was he supposed to win?

[7] Or, was he just supposed to run?

[8] I mean, the Russians would have so much more fun with Momma Clinton, right?

[9] Did you see the look on the Russian’s face? “He did what?”

[10] Nothing wrong with that, right?

[11] For the uninitiated this idiomatic expression means, “carrying G-U-N-S”.

[12] I’m not going to do it… yet.

[13] Primaries! *ahem* Do you really think Russians understand the electoral college??? I mean, we barely do… and we’re responsible for its’ upkeep! (until 2016 when it FAILED…)

[14] Footnotes don’t count! They’re the cotton candy of literature… sweet, fluffed, air… but strangely addictive, and often, the mere mention makes you smile.