I’m calling it.

Wednesday’s a Wash…

…a leaf on the wind.

If you’re a Serenity/Firefly fan… you know how totally Byron/Poe that ref is…

I’m trying to get back in the flow…

…trying to get back to reading blogs.

Poetry. *yay*




Yep. That’s it. This one too… (The different text color? Means you can click-it. Please do so. :-))

I am still trying to figure out my summer schedule.

I only pulled my laptop out twice in the last THREE WEEKS.

The phone.

While extremely convenient…

…is textually limiting.

So, please excuse any strange, ill-spelled, comments.

I totally blame autocorrect, and/or the glitch/thumb-twitch of ‘send’.

I have a back-up of my last version of the book…






Damn zip file mac v pc BS!!!

Why can’t we all just get along?


Stay tuned.

Hopefully, I will get to stop by and visit…

Until then?

Cheers! 🙂