Oh wait!!! I Missed Moody Monday! Dang it! *sigh*

Oh well, what’s life without goals?

Goal-less? *hehe*

Better luck next week…

Greetings all. I hope your weekends are off to a great start!

For my European friends… Apologies about the Paris Climate thing. Hold the fort. We’ll always send reinforcements… even if it’s after the totalitarian regimes have taken hold…

Oh, wait…

That would be US now… Hmm…


Seriously though… although there are a fair share of broadcasters sporting the spray tan raccoon eyes… for the most part… we’ve remained the same people. It’s getting harder, and harder for Trump supporters to defend Him. Patience.

Oh… yeah! I have a funny for today. It’s not a comic. But, I found this copyright notice I typed up for my old, circa 2006, Yahoo360 blog venture. I don’t recall if I actually posted it… but when I read it tonight, I laughed so hard I made that weird snort noise. lol.


TC RIGGS (2006)

General unofficial copyright and voodoo curse:

To all who read this:

I hereby informally state, for the record, all contents on this website are the express property of myself and no other person. If I have used pictures, stories or phrases from other sources or if an idea was sparked from another source (i.e. blogs or news stories) I will cite such sources. The ideas and words expressed herein are otherwise expressly mine; and any similarities to previous opinions are pure coincidence, and, obviously a sign of a higher intellect.

To those of the lesser moral and ethical standing who would use my ideas for personal, political or monetary gain – I hereby issue a voodoo curse invoking all of the ancient gods to follow you and yours for no less than thirty days after the event. After such time, it will only be remedied by complete admission of guilt to all those involved, by drinking a concoction of one part rum, one part lime in a coconut while singing the Haitian national anthem, erasure of the plagiarized article, and a sabbatical from public life.

This is completely dependent upon the honor system, of course, as I have neither the funds nor the time to hire a police force of lawyers. Have a nice day! 🙂

CHEERS! *teehee*

*All flags are thanks to http://www.wikepedia.org