I’ve been wondering where my creative energy has gone… not really worried. Just impatiently waiting. Expecting it at any moment to rush back and sweep me off my feet.

From some meme site…

It’s been weeks. Months even. And only hints, here and there. Nothing solid. Consistent. Or coherent.

Then I thought, maybe it’s my perspective? Maybe the ideas are there, I am just looking at them wrong. Like one of those logic puzzles… where the gist of solving it is not so much figuring out which pieces go where, but having the dexterity to use BOTH hands to put it back together.

Really though?

I think I am just tired. Exhausted. Drained.

Even the shows I love which brought levity and humor to seriously terrifying situations have gone preachy and judgmental… and a tad racist.

*RIP: TDS, you will be missed*

It’s to the point where I caught myself saying unkind things like, “I swear, if I have ONE more… just ONE MORE foreign-born talking head tell me what I should think, feel, or how our democracy works… I AM GOING TO SCREAM.”

Ad Populum.

Ad Misericordiam.

Denying the antecedent.

Poisoning the well.

Loaded Language.

False Cause.

Affirming the consequent.

Republicans are drunk.

Democrats are clueless.

“Oh Bernie!”


Definitely, if I hear the “Bernie” sentiment one more time… (*ahem* he was just the flip-side of the white, entitled, male coin: Populist, extremist, egotist, bigoted – just about different things.)

This is what happens when we allow fallacies to lead the debate. When those 13 arguments, Aristotle warned us against… become the common rhetoric…

You get a despot. A Russian mob crony.

Owner: Donald J. Trump.

This fiasco has been in the works since G.W. days though… when 43 started weighing in on court hearings in states dealing with conservative agenda, hot-topic, issues.

Stoking the flames.

Making us think everything was our business.

When he wrote executive order after executive order.

Partisan agenda.

Now? 45?

Stoking the flames.

Telling us what we’re supposed to think.

Writing executive order after executive order.

Partisan agenda.

Just like Obama.

Who let us lose Miranda Rights.

Who never reinstated Habeas Corpus… and if he ever did? I’ve not seen it in the news.

Who mandated healthcare like it was car insurance.

I suppose, technically, life is optional.

But, well, I guess party agenda ends where corporate lobbying begins.


I am really freaking tired…

So all I can do is ramble.

Speak nonsense.

Just like everyone else trying to make sense of this crap.

Thus, this post is dedicated to the 86 pile.

And to all those who continue to miss the point.

The real victors here? (Hint: It’s isn’t the Republicans “Gravity is a Harsh Mistress“, after all)

Well, maybe 45 was trying to tell us something by calling them fake.

The media and news agencies are doing quite well now. Lots of advert $$$ flying out there…

Clinton? Now, she would have just been bad for business. Why do you think the ’email’ scandal, which really only ‘lasted’ a few weeks… was continually on my news feed for the entire year? Oops… missed a capitalization there, ‘update’…’bump to top of list’…

Truth though?

We’re ALL complicit in whatever big, or small way.

If the Republicans ever have the common sense of decency to even begin to right this wrong?

Yeah, whatever.

Enjoy boys.

It never, ever, lasts.

Just ask the democrats.


I will hold my ground. Defend what I need to… and…

Find MY Zen. Somehow.

For a start?

…the media, the news, CNN, NBC, yes, even NPR and BBC *gasp*… can piss off.

I’m checking out.

Which is REALLY going to suck if WWIII hits.

I am going to be completely clueless.

Ping me if it gets bad.

Because the ONLY way to even begin to fix this?

To get Trump supporters and staunch, spineless, republicans to WAKE UP?

Is to take away their Facebook and Fox News pacifiers.

and there’s an end.