As you may recall from previous entries, I wrote a song.

I don’t know if a songwriter is actually supposed to tell how a song was written… well, at least without a prompt… but, well, since this is the only song I will likely write? Here we go…

The song did not begin as a song.

It was a narrative I wrote two lifetimes ago, about how my life always seemed to fall in waves… and, truthfully? It was from a dream. And the wave? Well, that is up to the beholder… I know what mine was…

“…death and existence… sleep hath its’ own world… and a wide realm of wild reality… and dreams in their division have breath…” (Byron)

The words sat idle.

Scrawled on the pages of a long-forgotten journal. Until, one night, my husband, who was in the midst of completing an album of original songs… lamented how depressing… and morose… his words always were…

My first defense?

Um… Radiohead? One of your (okay, our) favorite bands… Really? THEY are morose.

When the Radiohead example didn’t work… I said, “… You know what… you don’t know morose… LET ME SHOW YOU MOROSE…”

I ran to my office, pulled out my old storage trunk. Dug through my journals and found just the right entry… from two lifetimes ago.

I read the words aloud…

He said, and I quote: “Damn.”

“Yeah. Exactly.”

“Do you think we could turn it into a song?”

Irony is a virulent trait so, yes, I accepted the challenge.

Sentence, by sentence, line by line… I tore through the narrative.

I organized, prioritized… got out the thesaurus.

I forgot about rhyme schemes… come on really? There’s actually a song out there with the lyrics, “…I can smell your armpits…”

My husband put music to it. A nice little guitar melody… with his signature (I call, El Chico Blanco) Spanish guitar style…

AND THEN I REWROTE IT AGAIN. I slayed it like a knight slaying a dragon.

And now… we have this… ENJOY! 😉


*Thanks for ignoring the pajamas… Hey, he has a day job.. 😉

**PS. this has a copyright! 🙂

***PPS. the featured image is of the porch at Andalusia… home of Flannery O’Connor. The chairs? Gifts from some quite famous writer friends. (pic taken 2007)