If you get this message, I have failed.

Yet again.

But hey, that’s just what happens in between figuring out the next part, right?

I had great intentions of an interesting and enlightening foray into culinary… fun. But, well, it seems life and circumstances had other plans.

As a wise man once said,

“Life is what happens, when you’re making other plans.”

Or as a more astute philosopher said,

“If you want to make the fates laugh? Make plans.”


Something like that…


I wish you all well in your cooking endeavors. Meanwhile, I am bemoaning the ‘upgrade’ of my local fresh foods venue… it seems we have been sheltered from the vision of scorn portrayed via SouthParkLand… regarding sustainable, farm-to-table fare…

And now?

It seems I now live near SoSoSiLe. Our own, local version of SoDoSoPa. The newest addition to the corporate mass’o’consumerism. Now owned by the kings of consumerism: Amazon.

And.. Alas… I must, therefore, eat my words. (Yes, I complained about their criticism of my favorite fresh, whole food, venue…)

Bucket list checkmark… done.

Okay SouthPark… you are thus forgiven. Because, well, THIS ad… perfectly describes my thoughts when driving through our new SoSoSiLe.

Forget the Lofts… We have the Henry. *gasp* LMFAO.

What to do now?


I want my country store back. Time to regroup.

Until I find my new venue… and brave the newfound fruit, vegetable, or legume fronts…

I look forward to seeing what you all have been up to!