Okay. So, I am, officially, 86ing the “Debate/Debacle Tuesday”.

Come on… no bites?

Time to switch bait.

Wait a minute… not what I meant.

But, exactly my point.

This has been a weird, super-weird, 2 weeks without my news feeds.

See… you are talking to… unless you’ve been sleepwalking through this blog-follow thing… a hard-core news addict.

When I was a stay-at-home-mom?

Forget those soap opera stories…

Give me the cheesy house or senate committee meetings, laser-pointing-flip-display-book, pie chart breakdown any day to the “Oh my gosh! They’re taking them off of the ventilator today!”

Add in a glimpse of the British Commons and the Toeing the Line tradition??

Wow… who needs writers?

Ooh! And add in an intern breast-feeding?

And, wow…

That’s drama.


Back then… after watching C-Span half the day…

I would spend the REST of my time switching news channels… finding out what each perspective had to say about reality.

This practice, of course had 2 outcomes…

  1. You realize what the hell is REALLY going on…
  2. Your realize, it behooves NO ONE to know what is actually happening.



So. Now?

I am updating my Tuesdays.

Yes, my crickets and followers… Let’s Talk.

For this week… since last week was such a weird and wonderful mix of WTFs… I give you the following scenarios.


For the love of God or gods and all that is holy, sacred, or, at the least sanctimonious, in this world…

Respond. Like. Give some show of interaction…


This is just one GIANT, super-secret, BILLBOARD.

I dislike billboards.

Giants? Hey, someone has to reach the top shelf…

Secrets? That’s just politics.


[Modern culture eschews the old, puritanical prerequisites of right and wrong. The effect being? It totally, and completely makes life, and human interaction awkward and virtually impossible…]

Now. In the current DAY AND AGE… It is culturally, politically, socially, and LEGALLY… acceptable to identify as the opposite sex… even though nature, or God, or Chaos Theory saw fit to provide you with the physical attributes contrary… to call yourself WOMAN, or MAN, or snake, or whatever else floats your proverbial boat.

So… I’m at work. This person comes in. By all other visual and audible displays, a female… except, well… 2 things:

  1. Extremely tall for the build they were carrying. (Yes, with the female sex… larger shoulders yields automatically larger hips, and thus short stature – physical laws are a bitch after all…)
  2. The feet. ALWAYS look at the feet. 10 years ago? I would have said, “Check the throat…” But, well, surgeons, and doctors with access to some very serious horse hormones… have developed JUST the right formulae to reduce the ‘adam’s apple’ appearance. Podiatry is struggling to catch up… look for it on next year’s convention agenda…

Before we continue… I have no issue with ANYONE’s chosen sexual identification.

No more than I have trouble with someone’s ex-husband runner-up, number 14…

What I do have issue with?

Is the fact that there is absolutely NO WAY to politely say, “…hey! I know you! You’re that extra hairy, super tall drummer from my husband’s old band!”

And, in the case of ex-husband number 14… DON’T EXPECT ME TO BE ALL GOO-GAHING OVER NUMBER FREAKING… COULD BE EX NUMBER 15!!





In polite, public discourse…

Acknowledge this fact?

How do you pay homage to the person who you knew, back-in-the-day, to be an extremely good drummer (a rarity, believe me), and an all-around good soul…

Without sounding weird.

Or in the second example of ex number 15, disingenuous?


I’m waiting…

[I am not feeling very Patriotic these days… so, I cannot, in good conscience, purchase another flag to replace this one, the flag flown on November 9, 2016:]

Now the flag sits on on the mantle, displayed as thus:


Military tradition states…

  • a flag flown upside down, is a sign of distress…
  • once marred, soiled, touches the ground, or otherwise disrespected… there are only 2 ways to properly dispose of this most holy of national emblems:
    • 1. bury them
    • 2. burn them (while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance)

I’m not in good spirits these days…

Because, in truth, in my truthTHIS is the flag I would RATHER fly on this wholiest of holy nationalist holidays:

And thus, we could call it INDEPENDENT’S DAY. Because, really?


If we get to Serenity Valley? Are we there yet?

If I get 14 likes by noon? (Eastern Standard Time, of course…)

I will fly The Independents’ Flag proudly, and post pics.

SCENE 3? Well, check in next week. Cloud services is on the menu…

Happy whatever Tuesday to you! Hope it’s a good one! 😉