Greetings all.

In the interim, I have begun a new part-time job, so continuity is not my strong-point. As I was reviewing posts of the last few weeks, I realized I missed a Talk Tuesday, TALKING POINT. *gasp*

I know… I’m the only one that noticed.

But, for the sake of dignity, and, well, continuity… Here’s my Ode to Cloud Services thus mentioned in last week’s Inaugural Let’s Talk Tuesday. Oh… and let’s add some music for the back drop. (One of my faves, “The Proclaimers” – “Oh Jean”)

CLICK ON THE VIDEO. SERIOUSLY. I’m NOT kidding… It will be way funnier.

Dear Cloud Subscription Services,

I would like to thank those companies taking advantage of the advances in coding and cyber storage to create cloud service options. Now I can upload all of my data, my pictures, files, documents, into a virtual cloud environment where anyone can access them. How convenient! It’s just like Facebook! Except I have to pay for them!

The following is a list of those services, perks, and other collateral damage having cloud services provide:

  1. I no longer have to worry about having a hard disk on my computer. In fact, who needs a computer? I can just have a teeny-tiny flip-top screen + keyboard just big enough to fit in my hand.
  2. I will, however, now need multiple passwords, with various levels of security, for each of my cloud service accounts. But, I can store all those passwords in a specially protected ‘key card’. In the cloud.
  3. Expensive programs like Adobe Photoshop which used to cost around 600 dollars (on sale) and would last the life of my computer (5-10 years), can be purchased for a low (introductory) 10 dollars a month – for the rest of my life (well, as long as I want ACCESS to those pics without having to back them up on a separate $200 per terabyte drive). (That’s 1200 + 200 or more… for 10 years of services…)
  4. I have to sign an End User’s License Agreement (EULA), every time I upgrade… which changes, and includes clauses in regards to ownership of my data (i.e. pics or documents) that would have scared me, if I read them. TLDR (too long, didn’t read).
  5. It is not optional to get a downloaded, non-cloud version. Well, unless I want to have something useable… I mean, all the cool features are in the cloud version, right?
  6. If the sun makes a giant EMF pulse in the right spot… ALL of my data can be lost. In fact… everyone’s will… oh my…

Anyway… In conclusion, I would like to add a Thank You for providing the opportunity for hackers, snoops, or other nefarious exploitative individuals to access my life. I have faith that you will go out of your way to lobby for protection of my data via government regulations regarding privacy, and will pull out all the stops to prevent my data from being compromised.

Best wishes.

An unwilling customer.