My weeks are getting busier. Thus, my time here in WP Land has been, well, not that much. But, I did manage to get out my comic notebook today…

Sometimes, my thoughts just won’t fit into the tight constraints of grammar and syntax.

I need pictures.

With Text.

About a problem I see and hear about every day.


Current Societal Disregard for Sugar Moderation brought to you by THE SUGAR ASSOCIATION, Inc.

People seem confused. They seem overwhelmed. They seem distracted.

I shouldn’t worry. It’s not my business, right?

But, when I see someone, morbidly obese, coming up to pay and throwing candy on the counter, while eating 4 pieces of said candy before even getting to the counter… I worry.

When I see kids with behavioral problems and a 20 ounce soda and a little angel cake all to themselves… I worry.

When coworkers talk about blood-sugar problems and weight-gain. I worry.

I try to say things… but it’s always out of…


They never quite get what I’m saying.

Because, well, all the OTHER, louder, words and pictures are saying otherwise.

How do I compete with the MEDIA frenzy around SUGAR?

I create my own… Words with Pictures.

Admittedly, not funny. But most definitely moody. Well, moody in a thoughtful, mathematical-logic way.



*And seriously… lose the SUGAR addiction. Now.

This is a great quote from documentary movie “Fed Up” (2014).

“Sugar is poison. It is a chronic, not acute. Chronic. Dose dependent… depends on how much you eat; because there is a safe threshold. Hepato- (liver) toxin.”

**See more about the movie “Fed Up” here.

***DO NOT fall for the ‘fake’ or ‘natural’ or ‘alternate’ sugar craze either. Sugar es Sucar. No matter how you sell it, or say it. Any food with a sweet taste WILL affect your pancreas, which WILL affect your entire metabolic system. Because, ask any dietician… and they will say… “…insulin production BEGINS with your taste buds.” The sweeter the taste? The quicker the insulin response. And if your body ends up not needing insulin? And it sends it anyway? Well… you do that math. (See the book mentioned in a previous blog, The Insulin Resistance Diet (2007), which teaches “The Link-Balance Method“… the Doctor and Dietitian who created the plan, for their diabetic patients, explain it better than I ever will…)