“In Latin, ‘universe’ means ‘to turn as one’…”

This was a quote etched on printer paper by my oldest child, circa 9 years old. She painstakingly cut out, and pasted the quote on the in-box next to a miniature solar system made from common office products. Alas, the cut-out is gone, but the solar system lives on…

As with anyone who has pondered existence, and read many different versions of opinions… there’s a point when you begin to question. To REALLY question. What you see, feel, or experience.

This can lead to grace…

This practice can lead to understanding…

But on the fringes?

Is a danger…

And, thus a fear, an underlying fear…

Of madness.

Most days… I can coast through. Ignoring the nudges. Other times… was like today… And they leave me unsettled:

Have you ever questioned… well, everything?

Have you ever wondered…?

Am I REALLY here?

When you get caught up in the flow, of traffic, and cars…

And life…

You catch yourself thinking of a story.

A character from your past.

Unfinished business.

An idea ghost.

A car appears.

With a “support your library” license plate.

And the name…

Of your main character etched across it.


In assuming the message was for you.


In assuming this is all for you.

Did I plan the dragonfly hovering over the hood of my car at the stop light?

Did I plan the sedan with tinted windows next to me with booming, bumping, thumping, bass?

Did I plan the jerk who cut me off at the turn lane, trying to make me rear-end them?

Wouldn’t I plan something…

More beautiful?

More purposeful?

More interesting?