Lists are a good way to condense and organize thoughts.


So… For the sake of efficiency and time…


And since, well, my time online is nearing an end… or at least reduced to a once-in-a-while gig…


Here’s my list of blogs never-to-be, because, well, they would get flagged anyway:


If you think the book you’re about to read will piss you off… DON’T READ IT. This is not an approved percentage or statistical algorithm. If even a fraction of a fraction of a percent is possible… put the book BACK on the shelf. Walk. Away. Not worth it.

yes, I wrote not 1, but 2 blogs already on the subject. but… well, keep reading…

I’ve started reading the news again. (Not watching it yet.) Funny how it’s all the same ol’ stuff… but, I am completely emotionally detached from it all. Hallelujah.

For the unofficial, possibly flagged record… Anyone who voted for him should do daily penance and prayer. We forgive you, but come on people… Let’s all agree:

Trump is/was:

Un-qualified and Republicans should disband for allowing a corporate lobbyist into the presidency. I don’t care if they stay the same ‘group’ of people… they just need to either DROP the prefix or the root word.

                  i.e. “Publicans”, or “Re-ans” at least then they wouldn’t be guilty of false advertising.

A Russian Mob crony wannabe. He’s been trying to get in good for YEARS.

Russian made and marketed. TO LOSE THE ELECTION. To hearken back to an old favorite Monty Python skit: “No one expects THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE!” To, for the first time in history, when their purpose of existence was finally relevant… “COMPLETELY FAIL IN THEIR DUTIES TO PREVENT A DEMAGOGUE FROM TAKING THE HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE LAND.”

A functional idiot.

The village idiot.

Western corporate yuppie celebrity cultures’ defecation incarnate. Just LOOK AT WHO HE PUT IN CABINET AND LEADERSHIP POSITIONS??? Goldman-Sachs rules Washington (officially) now…

Emotionally immature.

Lacks true leadership skills.

Just hired a crony press mouthpiece who will, if lyrical and operatic history is correct… dance a fandango for him. While patting his head and scratching behind his ears. (I’ve heard Kim Jong-Un loves the behind the ears scratch too…)

WordPress flags (and thus delays) my posts. For the record, here’s how WP formulates their blog (reader) feed:

  • It’s a lot like twitter, tumbler, but NOT the old-fashioned ticker-tape stock market feeds… The imbedded TIME STAMP rules placement in the queue. So… if it is set to POST at 7:40 am, but, for some reason gets FLAGGED FOR REVIEW… it will be delayed until a MODERATER reviews the content. And when it FINALLY gets POSTED… guess where it is on the queue at 11am, when 50 other people have posted?

This pisses me off for various reasons:

  1. I’ve seen my fair share of redneck, Trump supporting, fake-news perpetuating sites PASS IMMEDIATELY into my WP Reader feeds. (But… they allow ads, and thus don’t ‘pay’ for their sites… hmm…)
  2. I go out of my way to speak respectfully about topics and people near and dear to me.
  3. It makes me question WHO they are protecting, and WHY they feel like they need to monitor it.
  4. It makes me want to start posting blogs with no text, except something resembling the crazy father character in Stephen King’s “The Shining”:
    • i.e. “All WHITE TRASH and politics, or trademarked celebrity name, makes blogging get FLAGGED.” (The key words would change, but you get the ideal.)

Oh well… I’ve exceeded my max of 500 words. Cheers. 😉