I’ve been remiss, and amiss in WP land of late. Apologies to all around. I know from a sample of the emails I have perused… I have missed quite a lot.

I feel responsible… and thus guilty.

However, I must admit… I am considering other blog options. (I will post the link if I switch… stay tuned.)

See, for me, blogging has never been about spewing out opinion, experience, or exceptions… it’s about INTERACTION.

It’s about exchange.

Thoughts. Opinions. Beliefs. Perspective.

A true convergence of minds, of thoughts, of a collective virtual psyche.

If he could see us, circa 2008, Jung would have been proud.

Finally a true, pathway, venue, of collective thought and ideas… beyond what our forefathers could only conceive of as ‘ether’.


 In 2017?

Well, the Id rules.

Alas… Hamilton.. they had their chance.

Freud would be like, “told you so…”


A virtual shit fest of id.

And our most virulent spewer?

The president of the United States of America.

Who, and let BBC quote him… calls the White House a “dump”…

My idea for this blog?

When Pandora closed the box… leaving that ONE THING secured?


I am/was a grad student.


Studying a discipline, necessary to help a new generation of people to adapt and be productive in the world.

What is Hope? But, the culmination of belief and faith?

And now?

 Belief and faith are long gone…

Forgiveness of the loans for 10 years of (necessary) public service is in jeopardy.

I realize, only too late… the Greeks were fuching with us… they were being facetious.

Forget that I know people who have been using the public service option for EIGHT YEARS… with only TWO YEARS LEFT of public service to forgive their loans… and have been working for SHIT PAY for the last SIX YEARS in order to serve their time, to provide a service to the community… so that their dream… their knowledge… can benefit their community?

I can imagine the Greek communion on the subject of ‘what’ should be left in Pandora’s proverbial, about to be written-for-the-record box.

My friends are going to be stuck with a BALLOON PAYMENT of student loans?

Well, of course… why not “hope”?

Why not make Newt Grinchich right?

All because some dipshit, yuppie throwback, orange-a-tang, golfing, male chauvinistic, butt-swab… appointed an equally douche-baggish shit to the secretary of edu-ma-cation?

“Yeah.” The Greek writers’ quorum said, “Hope.”

“What’s hope?” the initiate who later was whipped said…

He was put on the whipping post because, well… NOT EVEN THE GREEKS COULD CODIFY THE CONCEPT OF HOPE.


Fuch this.

I quit.

I have 2 options now.

Become permanent house wife and support crew to the next generation…

Or, Mad Maxi style…

Create a new motorcycle gang.

Ravaging the land of all cubic zirconium and dark chocolate.

Join now.

(Or talk me off the ledge…) 

(Yes… I’ve been reading the news.)


(LOVE YOU GUYS AND GALS! Hope to catch up soon…)