I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, and again…

Art is a Conversation.

Conversation is communication.

Communication requires a speaker and a listener.

But a conversation is more than just communicating.

There is dialogue.

Give and take.

A shared understanding.

A subtle truth.

A thread of experience.

Woven in and throughout whatever medium…

We choose to converse in.

That is why the simpler the medium…

The more depth of understanding, comprehension, meaning

Can be compressed into a tiny snippet of the human experience.

As a Kentuckian by heritage and parentage (not birth)…

This particular piece of humble art… hanging near a stage, in a small bar–

From the chosen medium,

to the chosen symbol,

to the errors and inconsistencies throughout…

This simple ‘flag’ art speaks Volumes about our politics and who inevitably pays the price for it.

More of this art please…


*(Hope you enjoy too… feel free to weigh in on your thoughts about its’ meaning. Cheers.)