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Hello all! Welcome all my new followers! I look forward to talking to everyone and visiting your blogsites as well!

THE HISTORY – What got me to blog again…

This blog began as a way to post my book Canary in the Coalmine for free… I have since removed the book from the blog, but it is available in pdf format for anyone interested. Just leave your name, email and a comment on the Contact Me page. I will send it your way.

You can find out about the subject of the book here on my first blog: How I used the FDA and USDA recommendations to control and alter FH diagnosed cholesterol, the blogs that follow relate back to the subject of health and diet, up to and including some that I have posted recently. I can’t seem to escape it, that’s how genetic predispositions work. Feel free to browse.

ME? Oh well, I’m as close to Me as you can get online…

As far as me, well, I am a fairly normal person with a home and family. I speak vaguely because this is a public venue. That is what is proper… you may be able to deduce little tidbits here and there from reading my words. But please, respect my privacy and those of my visitors and commenters.

In addition to blogging, I am in graduate school now. So if you are a regular follower and I follow you, you might notice a pattern to my appearances on your pages. This is usually in line with assignments, research papers, or exams.

WARNING TO TROLLS, TRAWLERS, and… well, you know…

For those that might consider it, don’t scrape or steal content. It’s just undignified. I go out of my way to provide citations when necessary, or link/ping-backs, to those other blogs or articles that inspire me to write. I ask that everyone visiting this site to use common sense, common decency, and common courtesy. If I miss a citation, please feel free to comment and let me know. I will either fix it, or remove it. It’s not been a problem, since no one seems to comment anymore… but I will say this for posterity: I will not remove comments as long as they are respectful, relate directly to the topic and premises involved, and the intentions are to debate and not verbally assault someone… we good?

THE BLOG – Why and What for?

I continued the blog after dumping the book because, well, it looked like fun and I am meeting some pretty cool people. I like to writewhen I am in the mood, or an idea hits me. I love discussion and debate as well, so this is meant to be a fun outlet. I had a previous blog on Yahoo360 from about 2006 until they dumped us completely in 2009 or 2010. I tried Multiply, but that was, well, a lot like WordPress… commercialized and hard to find connections to other bloggers. I did have a short-run photography blog here on WordPress back in 2014, but I’m not much of a photographer, so that idea fizzled.

Beyond that, I am not doing this to make money, so you will not find ads on my site. I am still figuring out what exactly I think of the internet and the commercialist Darth Vader hold that threatens to the strangle the ether from the net. Oh, sorry, that’s probably pretty close to what I am thinking… I just haven’t decided if I am right about that thought.

That’s the other thing you will find in my blogs… I think… A LOT… about random topics and issues. I love a good conspiracy theory, though I don’t believe a word of a single one I’ve heard. I just appreciate the creativity involved in dreaming them up and connecting the dots. If I mention any, please take it lightly… I am usually trying, unsuccessfully, to be ironic, or at the very least funny…

For now…

Here’s my tentative blog schedule – it may change once I settle into a format. But for now, most weeks, I try to post at least a few of these stand-by blogs:

Sunday – Sunday Dinner: A dinner (not always on Sunday) that is new to us, or a favorite, that hopefully will garner debate, questions, and support eating fresh healthy foods. Plus, I enjoy cooking. So it’s fun to share!

+Sunday Afternoon Sermon. (by whim and wit alone)… A blog about some topic near and dear to me… that perhaps doesn’t fit into the usual, traditional, blog format. It’s all opinion… and it’ll be preachy. Beware.

Monday – No blog posts… +New Addition (by whim and wit alone): Moody Monday. A tale of survival of some sort or other… but I will (still) be catching up with yours from the weekend if I missed it!

Tuesday – Debate Tuesday: I will post an article, a question, a reblog… whatever is relevant or speaks to me that week.

Wednesday – Whatever Wednesday: Quotes, reblogs, basically inspiration to make it through the remainder of the week.

Thursday – No blog posts… but I will be catching up with yours from the week if I missed it!

Friday – Free-writing Friday: Essays, prose, poetry, I have a large pool to pull from… who knows what it will be? Some may be reposts from my internet past, I will let you know the history as I post.

Saturday – Weekend Funnies: Because sometimes, only a badly drawn comic or a witty fortune cookie writer can say what needs to be said.

I hope that you all will check in each week and see what’s going on!

Cheers! 🙂