Canary in the coalmine

And how it escaped…

Moody Monday: Just lying around… and thinking.

About lying... I have had to deal with compulsive liars more than once in my life. I would never wish a compulsive liar on even my worst enemy… though, secretly, I’ve more than once wished karma to do a round-about-face... Continue Reading →

A Midnight Holy Hell… WTF: fear the dead? fear the living… and whatever the heck THIS is?

So... watching Fear the Dead... Who the frack is THIS?! you see it right?! the firey ghost?? Yeah. That one... Is it him, or his lover's ghost? Is it an accident? Then? It's gone? Like the ghost in "Three Men... Continue Reading →

Free-writing Friday: Mr. Mangrove… Returns. And still refuses… *grr*

Okay, writers out there, let me know… has this happened to you? In between everything else required in this existence, when I have a free moment, I sit down with pen or pencil in hand… or perhaps typing at the... Continue Reading →

Thoughtful Thursday: Why Frankenstein. A review.

For summer reading with the girls, I chose the book Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley. You’re probably wondering why I chose such a depressing, scary, horrific story to read to my children... but... Is there any other story which shows the... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk Tuesday: Sex, Flags, Independents Day, and Cloud Services?

Okay. So, I am, officially, 86ing the “Debate/Debacle Tuesday”. Come on… no bites? Time to switch bait. Wait a minute… not what I meant. But, exactly my point. This has been a weird, super-weird, 2 weeks without my news feeds. See…... Continue Reading →

Moody Monday: Public Female Grooming? And still a Hijab? WTF?

Thanks to our run-in, circa 2001, with Middle Eastern Culture... I have, at my local mall, an option much better than the dreaded 'waxing' experience to curb and curtail my over-abundant-eyebrow-age. If you're unfamiliar with the process of waxing for hair removal,... Continue Reading →

Sunday Dinner: To my foodie followers… Do you have your own SoDoSoPa?

If you get this message, I have failed. Yet again. But hey, that's just what happens in between figuring out the next part, right? I had great intentions of an interesting and enlightening foray into culinary... fun. But, well, it... Continue Reading →

Weekend Funnies: Philosophers we can thank or blame for the current society-at-large… Explained…

Via yet another badly, terribly, hand-drawn from google images comic. The perspective being what my friend 'L' lovingly calls "egghead-land". Enjoy! Cheers! 🙂

Free-Writing Friday: A song… the only song I may ever write? Okay, sure.

As you may recall from previous entries, I wrote a song. I don't know if a songwriter is actually supposed to tell how a song was written... well, at least without a prompt... but, well, since this is the only song I... Continue Reading →

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