Canary in the coalmine

And how it escaped…

Debacle Tuesday: Eh… a halo effect? A SILVER LINING… FINALLY.

Debate Tuesday has fallen on the wayside... I know... there's too many ...and not enough Dang it... Time? Sure... that's it... Oh well... moving on. I'm reaching the end of the semester. Research Project is almost finished. Finals are a... Continue Reading →

Moody Monday: May Day, May Day! EDIT before posting!! A Cautionary Tale…

Okay... so, here's the post, the reference to my major faux pas last week... in all it's original glory. I know, epic fail last week... I've been in the midst of final research project and upcoming exams... and if I'm honest,... Continue Reading →

Whatever Wednesday: Another sort-of-true, true story…

First... A personal note regarding the Moody Monday post this week (now deleted until further notice): Humble apologies... it wasn't done! I completely forgot about it until around 8 am! I started the habit of setting drafts to post in order to 'force'... Continue Reading →

Thoughtful Thursday… Stay tuned.

Thoughtful Thursday… Yes… I know… not part of my format. But, well, the times call for it. I have been missing and remiss this week. Karma, well, especially in email via WP land, is, well, you know. I have, oh,... Continue Reading →

Weekend Funnies: An Ode to my old IT life… XKCD fashion.

Time of Death for Free-writing Friday? Oh... about 2:40pm... (It's still there.... just needs more alone time... thanks for your patience.) For today though... My personal Ode to the web-comic: XKCD Welcome to my first weekend funny, in, well, months.... Continue Reading →

Whatever Wednesday: A Story is a brewin…? For now… Personal Notes.

Greetings all. Apologies for being mostly nonexistent online. I have appeared sporadically, and sometimes trolling (trawling) in a 4 hour period, not un-like a crazed sociopath with a limited time allowance online. lol.  VS.  (remember? one guards a bridge... the... Continue Reading →

Moody Monday: Conservative State of Mine(d)

State of Mine(d) - How could 16% of registered Republican voters choose our next president? Like this... I have long considered my current State to be a miniature replica of the United States. Well, at least socio-politically. See… In each election... Continue Reading →

Whatever Wednesday: Running Commentary 2 – Truth in Fiction.

We're all heroes… I’m in the grocery store. Pushing a cart down the main aisle, list in hand. It’s not a store I frequent. I glance around, reading signs, looking down aisles, getting my bearings. Two guys are standing at... Continue Reading →

Debate Tuesday: A Question of Race

My mother taught me, as she was taught; there were two things a lady never discussed in polite company: Religion or Politics. So many people I have talked to over the years are terrified of talking politics (and thus, religion... really, you're going... Continue Reading →

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