Are you a serial liker, or a casual one? Do you like likes on blogs, or think they’re just fluff?

Do you worry if you see page views and no likes on your blog? How do you use the ‘like’ option on your blog? (Feel free to share…)

I know some have forgone the ‘like’ option on their blogs.

I can understand why, it can be distracting at times. If you find yourself ‘worrying’ that no one liked the post but there were 5 views, then trust me… it’s not worth it.

I think, I hope, that I have made peace with the option and will leave it for now. 

This is my first real experience with ‘likes’ since I do not, and never plan to, have a Facebook account. I am slowly learning the idiosyncrasies of my followers regarding ‘liking’ habits, so that is helping with some of my blogging angst.

Besides, I’m not writing for the likes (though I hope you enjoy them)… For me at least, blogging is about refining the writing process and finding my voice again.

For all my crickets – followers or passers-by alike…

If I did ‘Like’ a comment, blog or response to a comment, it means one or all of the following:

  • I read it. I want you to know that I was there.
  • The blog’s intention was appreciated and reciprocated. If it was meant to be funny, I laughed. Et cetera…
  • I may/may not comment after a like. Comments are by whim and wit alone… If I have a response, I will say it… without fail, well, unless a hawk swoops down and steals my computer before I can type it out and hit send.

If I did not ‘Like’ a comment, blog, or response to a comment, it means one or all of the following:

  • I didn’t read it. Sorry, some slip through the cracks… my follow list is growing *yikes*… Also, some days are busier than others, but I usually try to go back and catch up when I get the time.
  • I forgot to like it. Yes, it happens… Usually, though, I will remember later and try to go back.
  • Occasionally, I may just not like it. That is rare. I try to ‘like’ all blogs or comments I read, even if I disagree with them. But if I disagree and like… look out, there’s a comment in the queue. Beyond that, you may have upset me so much, I forgot… I will try to return later.
  • If it has been a really long time… the hawk swooped down and took my computer. Send reinforcements.

I have good days and bad days in my ongoing challenge to justify my time in blogland. Yet, it never fails… when I’m especially down-and-out or out-of-sorts, one of you throws out a lifeline and reels me back in. Thank you!

I hope to have the chance to return the favor.